• Effective tax risk management lowers ATO’s gaze

    Tax risk management is fast becoming an essential part of the corporate governance framework for CFOs, and while most CFOs…

  • Investing in innovation: don’t be left out in the cold

    What is the connection between a freezing truck driver in the US and an Australian company in Victoria? In short,…

  • Time to stop taxing health Insurance in New Zealand

    The release of the 2015 Wellness in the Workplace Survey in New Zealand alertered Kiwi businesspeople to a costly fact…

  • The Board and external financial reporting

    Backing the Board on external financial reporting

    And so we come to the end of another AGM season. While Company Directors are in the public eye, it’s…

  • What is The Real CFO?

    Welcome to The Real CFO – your regular dose of practical and relevant information for finance professionals in Australia and…

  • Cyber security and the CFO

    Cyber security and the CFO

    Finance executives from the CFO down are being warned to prepare for an uptick in data breaches in 2016. “It’s…

  • Catch employee fraud with data mining

    Prevent employee fraud with data mining

    A prison sentence was the last thing on a senior executive’s mind as he left for a long-postponed holiday. But…

  • How a skincare start-up became this year’s top IPO

    Until early November, few people had heard of BWX Limited, a hair, body and skincare manufacturer based in Dandenong. While…

  • Strategic leadership equates to a higher CFO salary

    Businesses pursuing growth no longer want just a really good finance person. As they struggle with the challenges of volatility,…

  • ASEAN: the new China for international trading

    Over the last 11 years I have had the good fortune, of working and living in New Zealand, Hong Kong,…

  • So you want to join a board of directors?

    It was Jane Hemstritch, director of Commonwealth Bank, Tabcorp, Santos and Lend Lease, who said in 2013 that “one of…

  • Will outsourcing be the big business trend of 2016?

    With Australia’s economic and business growth expected to remain flat for 2016 and potentially well beyond, companies are looking for…

  • Broader leadership and communication skills drive CFO’s success at REDARC

    Chris Johnson got his first indication that the newly-created position of CFO at fast growing South Australian electronics manufacturer REDARC,…

  • Big Data and the CFO

    The amount of data we face every day can be overwhelming. Whether emails, company reports or columns of transactions, no…

  • Will a GST boost make way for the end of Payroll tax?

    GST Boost Must Herald End of Payroll Tax

    The pressure to increase the GST has been building for the better part of this year. Yet if an increase…

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