• Futureproofing your business for the digital economy – a platform for sustainable growth

    Exceptional circumstances cause infrastructure to be scaled up rapidly and the COVID-19 crisis resulted in massive levels of digital dependency…

  • R&D

    5 tips to avoid an R&D claim review by AusIndustry

    With recent media attention on the R&D incentive, many claimants may be deterred by an increase in claim review by…

  • How can we cultivate a better start-up culture in Australia?

    How can we cultivate a better start-up culture in Australia?

    Warren Bingham, Executive Chairman of MedTech International has an inspiring story. For Australian start-ups, his story has some key learnings,…

  • The Future of Accounting

    The Future of Accounting

    With any type of disruption, there will always be winners and losers and there’s always opportunity. It’s really up to…

  • research

    Research to commercialisation – getting the balance right

    How does a chief financial officer (CFO) attract funding to continue medical research and later, sufficient capital to commercialise the…

  • Planning an Exit or Capital Raise?

    Will your business data and documentation stand-up to a robust due diligence process in the event of an exit or…

  • change

    Why successful CFO’s are ‘invisible change leaders’

    Disruption is an opportunity for CFO’s to make positive change within their organisation – not something to be feared, according…

  • Social media rings true with candidates

    Social media rings true with candidates

    If you were the CFO of a global business, would you stand in a park outside Sydney’s Central Station and…

  • While hackers are out for attention, it’s what’s inside that counts

    Whether driven by industrial espionage or hacktivism, calculated and sophisticated data leaks have been making headlines worldwide in recent years…

  • Social media and the CFO

    While social media was once seen as the domain of the marketing team, the growth of social media and the…

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