• Financial Ratios - look beyond the numbers

    Financial ratios – Look beyond the numbers

    “If you Can’t Measure it, You Can’t Improve it” – Peter Drucker.  Financial ratios have been used to measure and…

  • The Tax impact of Brexit

    As the political debate ensues in the wake of the UK’s Brexit referendum, many are left asking what the tax…

  • Tax transparency – the new reality

    For years, a business’s tax affairs were considered private and the limited disclosures in published financial statements were sufficient “publication”…

  • Time to re-set the CFO/CIO Relationship

    Arguably the two most critical functions in a business, much has been written about the need for CFOs to work…

  • Are you adding value to your external financial report?

    Never before have reporting entities been subject to such intense regulatory and public scrutiny. As the markets come to grips…

  • How can CFOs become more innovative?

    CFOs are being urged to step outside their familiar finance training background and be more “innovative” if they want to…

  • Greater flexibility for small businesses looking to restructure

    Small businesses will have greater flexibility to restructure their operations and could significantly reduce their tax liabilities under new legislation…

  • How ineffective debt management spelled the end for one CFO

    As advisors, we’re often called in to assist businesses in financial distress, as happened to one of my colleagues recently. …

  • Not for profits encouraged to look at commercial businesses for survival

    Not-for-profit organisations (NFPs) will need to review their business practices this year, if they want to avoid suffering from any…

  • Effective tax risk management lowers ATO’s gaze

    Tax risk management is fast becoming an essential part of the corporate governance framework for CFOs, and while most CFOs…

  • Investing in innovation: don’t be left out in the cold

    What is the connection between a freezing truck driver in the US and an Australian company in Victoria? In short,…

  • Time to stop taxing health Insurance in New Zealand

    The release of the 2015 Wellness in the Workplace Survey in New Zealand alertered Kiwi businesspeople to a costly fact…

  • The Board and external financial reporting

    Backing the Board on external financial reporting

    And so we come to the end of another AGM season. While Company Directors are in the public eye, it’s…

  • What is The Real CFO?

    Welcome to The Real CFO – your regular dose of practical and relevant information for finance professionals in Australia and…

  • Cyber security and the CFO

    Cyber security and the CFO

    Finance executives from the CFO down are being warned to prepare for an uptick in data breaches in 2016. “It’s…

  • Catch employee fraud with data mining

    Prevent employee fraud with data mining

    A prison sentence was the last thing on a senior executive’s mind as he left for a long-postponed holiday. But…

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