• Three powerful strategies for de-risking digital transformations

    Imagine for a moment your house is to undergo a major renovation – a complete rebuild that, if all goes…

  • Breaking the cycle of illegal phoenix trading

    This article first appeared in The Daily Telegraph ‘Two strikes and you’re out rule could end repeat illegal phoenix traders,’…

  • The human factor in an IPO

    The CFO is the champion when it comes to preparing an IPO – driving the financials, systems and processes to…

  • The CFOs ’20-20 vision’

    The business environment of the past decade or so, has positioned the CFO to be in the box-seat for the…

    by Conley Manifis
  • The Tao (‘DOW’) of transformation

    “There is a whole new world coming, and this world of change is coming at an unprecedented rate.” Speaking at…

  • The CFO and the path to IPO

    A CFO is quite literally in the driver’s seat when it comes to planning an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Leading…

    by Mark Calvetti
  • Converging the future of finance

    Organisations who can converge the front office with the back office are more likely to succeed in an unknown future.…

  • The Strategic CFO

    We live in a dynamic economy dominated by change. For that reason, organisations need to invest in strategy that can…

  • The hole that no-one wants to talk about in your payments system

    Is your bank reconciliation overly complex and time-consuming? It may arise from a hole in your payments system that fundamentally…

  • time management

    Time management is the new black

    Learning’s from my journey in mastering time management Time is a hard resource to master. Several years ago, I constantly…

    by Fi Slaven
  • AGM

    Navigating the AGM – running the meeting

    After careful planning, the day of the AGM is here. The venue is ready, the Chairman and Company Secretary have…

    by Jeffery Luckins
  • AGM

    Navigating the AGM – planning for success

    While an Annual General Meeting (AGM) only occurs once a year, they’re an avenue for stakeholders to directly engage with…

    by Jeffery Luckins
  • How will regulation affect accountancy in 2019?

    Marked differences in regulation around the world are set to deepen in 2019 as politics and geography impact accounting professionals…

    by Ian Lavis
  • Protecting your business from cyber risks

    The Australian Government estimates 90% of SMEs are online. Yet, many don’t have protections in place to cope with cyber…

    by Conley Manifis
  • Finance

    Are you ready for the redefining of Finance?

    CFOs today are under more pressure than ever before. From external market forces, to the increased internal demands from CEOs…

  • How poor culture can tear an SME apart

    It’s not just cricket – how poor culture can tear an SME apart

    Cricket is back, however Australian cricket’s spectacular collapse earlier this year should have alarm bells ringing well beyond the sports…

    by Jamie McKeough
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