• The top six things keeping CFO’s awake

    The role of the CFO has changed. No longer purely compliance, a CFO has valuable skills, qualities and insights that…

  • Regulators need resources to meet new market innovations

    Amid all the excitement about the financial spin-off from the benefits of the so-called digital economy, regulators are struggling to…

    by Mark Fenton-Jones
  • Are your finance teams prepared for new lease accounting standards?

    Many of those in your finance teams will be aware of AASB / NZ IFRS 16 Leases which was released…

  • Ultimate Beneficial Owners and the Eurozone

    For businesses operating in the European Union, the reporting of the transfer of funds between banks and non-bank deposit takers…

    by Craig Barry
  • Know your Limitations – Part of the Successful Journey

    “A man’s gotta know his limitations” This quote made famous by Clint Eastwood while portraying Dirty Harry in the movie…

    by Robin Judd
  • NFPs and CFOs

    Professional service firms are experiencing greater demand for their skills in providing strategic funding advice and asset management solutions to…

    by Mark Fenton-Jones
  • Startups a bumpy but exciting ride for creative CFOs

    The CFO who takes on the responsibility of helping a startup move into a sustainable growth phase needs to be…

    by Mark Fenton-Jones
  • When everything old is new again

    Not all Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) are groomed for the position, no matter how well they performed in other executive…

    by Mark Fenton-Jones
  • What makes an effective share plan?

    Attracting and retaining key employees is a challenge for most businesses. There are many factors that impact on an employee’s…

    by Greg Travers
  • What are Boards looking for from their Finance Chiefs?

    A good CFO is worth their weight in gold when it comes to determining whether their business is accurately and…

    by Jeffery Luckins
  • CFO to the rescue

    CFO’s to the rescue in a time of crisis

    Can you imagine the role of the CFO in a time of crisis? It’s not every day that a catastrophic…

    by Jeffery Luckins
  • Part 2: Alex Malley – Telling it, How it is

    In part 2, Alex Malley, CEO pf CPA Australia discusses the branding strategy of CPA Australia, what’s required to build…

    by Greg Travers
  • Social media rings true with candidates

    Social media rings true with candidates

    If you were the CFO of a global business, would you stand in a park outside Sydney’s Central Station and…

    by Mark Fenton-Jones
  • Don't take shareholders for granted

    Don’t take Shareholders for granted

    In the many years I’ve been involved with ASX listed public companies there is one lesson that I’ve seen time…

    by Robin Judd
  • Alex Malley – Telling it, How it is

    Alex Malley, CEO of CPA Australia joins us to discuss how growing up in a migrant family shaped his future, what…

    by Greg Travers
  • How resilient leaders make tough decisions

    How resilient leaders make tough decisions

    Poised to return close to $1 billion to shareholders this year, Qantas’s CEO Alan Joyce attributes the airline’s turnaround to…

    by Leo Tutt
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