Business Trends

  • The Age of Fast Governance has Arrived

    Everyone’s world has rapidly evolved in 2020 with the onset of COVID-19. Its impact has been extraordinary in the field…

  • How will regulation affect accountancy in 2019?

    Marked differences in regulation around the world are set to deepen in 2019 as politics and geography impact accounting professionals…

  • Trends in merger and acquisition activity in Australia

    Inbound mid-market merger and acquisition transactions in healthcare and technology sectors are predicted to grow in Australia this year, with…

    by Mark Calvetti
  • Finance

    Are you ready for the redefining of Finance?

    CFOs today are under more pressure than ever before. From external market forces, to the increased internal demands from CEOs…

  • How to maximise the value of an acquisition

    According to the latest William Buck merger and acquisition report, the last five years have seen merger and acquisition activity…

    by Mark Calvetti
  • lease accounting standards

    Have you checked your leases?

    Your finance teams most likely remember that the new Lease Accounting Standard (AASB/NZ IFRS 16), released by the International Accounting…

  • risk management

    Demystifying enterprise-wide risk management

    There are those that shudder at the mere mention of the word ‘risk’ or, worse still, view the concept of…

  • Venture Capital

    Emerging trends in Venture Capital funding

    As value creators (EBITA maximisers) and exit planners, the latest venture capital (VC) trends should be on a CFO’s radar.…

  • How can we cultivate a better start-up culture in Australia?

    How can we cultivate a better start-up culture in Australia?

    Warren Bingham, Executive Chairman of MedTech International has an inspiring story. For Australian start-ups, his story has some key learnings,…

  • crowd-sourced funding

    Crowd-sourced funding: navigating the crowd

    New challenges and opportunities await CFOs following amended 2017 Equity Crowdfunding legislation passing, opening up new financing possibilities.

  • change

    Why successful CFO’s are ‘invisible change leaders’

    Disruption is an opportunity for CFO’s to make positive change within their organisation – not something to be feared, according…

  • How Praxity Firms are helping not-for-profits overcome major accounting challenges

    Praxity firms can help the not-for-profit (NFP) sector with the increasingly complex set of accounting challenges that escalate considerably in…

  • ‘Wrapping brand in Strategy’ – a case study

    Every organisation should be wrapping their brand in strategy. This sounds like a nice hook, but what does it really…

  • audit

    Secrets of Auditors … Finally Revealed!

    Let’s refer to the discussions, debates and sensitive issues which have been documented in the audit file as the “Chamber…

  • CFO and CMO

    Why a CMO is a CFO’s greatest ally

    Here’s some relationship advice…It’s time to make the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) your greatest ally on the c-suite and perhaps…

  • tariff, Trump, trade

    ‘Trump Trade War’

    The Trump Administration’s recent decision to impose comprehensive tariffs against the importation of a wide range of steel and aluminium…

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