Accounting and Finance

  • Australia’s tough new measures to impact Multinationals

    Multi-nationals have been under increased scrutiny by legislators and the public alike.  And headline news stories, such as the one…

  • Effective tax risk management lowers ATO’s gaze

    Tax risk management is fast becoming an essential part of the corporate governance framework for CFOs, and while most CFOs…

  • The Board and external financial reporting

    Backing the Board on external financial reporting

    And so we come to the end of another AGM season. While Company Directors are in the public eye, it’s…

  • Catch employee fraud with data mining

    Prevent employee fraud with data mining

    A prison sentence was the last thing on a senior executive’s mind as he left for a long-postponed holiday. But…

  • Big Data and the CFO

    The amount of data we face every day can be overwhelming. Whether emails, company reports or columns of transactions, no…

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