Accounting and Finance

  • ‘Wrapping brand in Strategy’ – a case study

    Every organisation should be wrapping their brand in strategy. This sounds like a nice hook, but what does it really…

  • audit

    Secrets of Auditors … Finally Revealed!

    Let’s refer to the discussions, debates and sensitive issues which have been documented in the audit file as the “Chamber…

    by Jeffery Luckins
  • Entering a safe harbour – part two

    Following on from part one in this series; where we discussed meeting the criteria of Safe Harbour and developing a…

  • board meeting

    A board for the times and the CFO

    Don’t underestimate the power of the CFO’s voice on a board. The CFO and board role is crucial for helping…

    by Jamie McKeough
  • Equity Sharing

    Should you attract top performing executives with equity in your company?

    Should you attract top performing executives with equity in your company?

  • NDIS, cashflow, NDIA

    How to survive the NDIS cash crunch

    How does a CFO survive the cash flow crunch in the NDIA administered world where delays are commonplace?

  • Safe Harbour, Insolvency

    Entering a Safe Harbour

    Practical steps for Directors to understand the impact of the new Safe Harbour Legislation

  • Officeworks – The Dual Track Process that never was

    The market was recently a buzz in relation to what was initially pipped to be one of, if not, the…

  • The taxation of Australian sportspeople

    What’s the difference between Steve Smith and an average Australian?

    The sun’s out and the weather’s heating up which means only one thing…. Cricket season! As a cricket tragic, summer…

    by Craig Barry
  • Curiosity & communication at the heart of a successful audit

    While checklists and templates are staples in the auditor’s kitbag, an inquisitive mind and good listening ear are at the…

  • International tax changes to impact the middle-market

    A stream of changes to international tax laws including the Australian Government’s tough new measures for multinationals has seen global…

    by Greg Travers
  • Financial Ratios - look beyond the numbers

    Financial ratios – Look beyond the numbers

    “If you Can’t Measure it, You Can’t Improve it” – Peter Drucker.  Financial ratios have been used to measure and…

    by Grant Martinella
  • The Tax impact of Brexit

    As the political debate ensues in the wake of the UK’s Brexit referendum, many are left asking what the tax…

    by Greg Travers
  • Tax transparency – the new reality

    For years, a business’s tax affairs were considered private and the limited disclosures in published financial statements were sufficient “publication”…

    by Greg Travers
  • Are you adding value to your external financial report?

    Never before have reporting entities been subject to such intense regulatory and public scrutiny. As the markets come to grips…

    by Jeffery Luckins
  • Greater flexibility for small businesses looking to restructure

    Small businesses will have greater flexibility to restructure their operations and could significantly reduce their tax liabilities under new legislation…

    by Craig Barry
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