Greg Travers

The Deep Thinker

Calm, considered and thoughtful, Greg Travers logically assesses opportunities before suggesting an innovative solution.

He is a person who reflects, contemplates and weighs up the facts before delivering judgement and he won’t be showering you with impulsive, off the cuff comments. He doesn’t like surprises, but ironically often startles his clients with the original concepts and strategies he creates supported by 20+ years in the field.

Greg likes kayaking on Sydney’s harbour, the mighty Liverpool and Wanderers soccer teams and tending to his chooks in the backyard.

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Craig Barry

The Straight Shooter

Solid, dependable and unerringly accurate with his advice, Craig Barry is the man with a penchant for problem solving.

With a no-nonsense approach that comes from studying a degree in Pure Mathematics, Craig is the straight shooting business advisor you need when a challenge seems too complex to deal with. He will calmly unpick it, present multiple avenues and help you work your way to a profitable result.

Just like he approaches his weekend analytical obsessions: the Broncos, the Maroons and the Bulls.

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Leo Tutt

The Social Advocate

A champion of not for profit organisations, Leo Tutt is happiest when he has a cause to promote and a principle to defend. His life’s mission is to make a difference, break down discrimination and ensure people see the world from both sides.

With self-assuredness, he will speak his mind and stand by his beliefs…but he is also a very egalitarian activist who works hard for those that don’t have a voice, and sees the good in everyone.

Success to him is not measured in dollars and cents but how he will be remembered by his family and friends.
A team player, he is always quick with a quip or droll observation, and is the first to celebrate the success of others.

Can be found on the sidelines at one of his son’s rugby matches, wearing Hawaiian shirts at a charity walk or having a laugh with his team.

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Grant Martinella

The Self-Effacing Strategist

Not your typical auditor, Grant Martinella likes looking at the bigger picture as well as the rogue decimal point.
Surprisingly, he’s not much of a man for minutiae – he has good people around him who he trusts with a green pen.

Instead he likes to tease out the strategic needs of organisations and find the most transparent ways to measure success and achievement.

A kind-hearted soul with an enormous sense of humour he is happiest laughing at himself. But his sense of the ironic doesn’t extend to clients – that’s where his sharp as a tack mind focuses to deliver clear-cut reporting and forward plans you can rely on.

While he enjoys helping his kids reel in snapper at West Beach, he’s as likely to be found tinkering under the hood of a 1960s muscle car.

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Jeffrey Luckins

The Eternal Optimist

Opportunity always beckons for Jeffrey Luckins. He sees possibilities where others see problems and treats them as a challenge for his inquisitive mind.

His beaming smile and relaxed positivity make him the perfect mentor. Embracing change and never accepting the impossible, he encourages those around him to continue learning and seek opportunities to advance their knowledge and experiences.

Believing that his success is founded on the well-being, happiness and accomplishments of his clients and team, this is one person who’ll stand by you in good times and bad.

Enjoying life whatever the circumstances is his mantra, and with iPod connected he loves nothing more than walking along Melbourne’s beaches, lakes and bush soaking in the fresh air and sunshine.

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Liz Smith

The Insightful Analyst

Don’t let the Christian Louboutin heels distract you – Liz Smith is equally at home in RM Williams if duty calls outside of Melbourne’s CBD.

This is one smart operator who you want on your side if you’re an SME on the rise or a corporate looking for a refreshing point of view.

Dignified, wise and thoughtful she won’t shoot from the hip. Instead, after a thorough briefing and deep consideration she’ll present you with more options than you thought imaginable.

A concise, convincing communicator whose rational common sense exudes confidence, she provides exciting – if tempered – insights into the art of the possible.

Likes cross training in the Tan on Sundays followed by afternoon tapas at MoVida.

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Robin Judd

The Motivational Maximiser

A Justice of the Peace and Group One drag racer! This is the enigma that defines the Robin Judd who is happiest when he is taking a corporate client on the road to new horizons.

This man of action likes to quickly establish your starting position, thirst for growth and the state of your engine room.

Then he’ll accelerate your business with an experienced and confident approach to corporate re-structuring and capital raising.

Don’t expect middle of the road performance – expect conviction, passion and perhaps a little bit of whiplash.

Likes the smell of methanol, burnt rubber and hamburgers in the morning.

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Arran Boote

The Asian Tiger

Despite his Auckland roots and love of the national game, Arran Boote views the world from an eastern axis.

As the Asia Pacific Chair of the International Governing Council of Praxity (the world’s largest alliance of independent accounting firms), Arran believes the future lies in Asia. And over the years he’s been proud to call Hong Kong, China, Thailand and The Philippines home.

He is passionate about introducing clients to export opportunities across Asia and has led trade missions to Vietnam and Myanmar.

Energetic, innovative and a future thinker Arran likes nothing more than a challenge to chew on and a problem to solve.

He can be found seeking out the best Peking Duck in in the hustle of Beijing or tucking into soft shell crab in downtown Roxas.

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Mark Fenton-Jones

The Inquisitive Correspondent

A senior finance and business journalist, Mark Fenton-Jones is a man of unabated curiosity.

Inspired to become a journalist by Woodward and Bernstein’s exposé of Nixon in the Watergate scandal, his professional integrity underlies each assignment, whether investigating a high end corporate scandal or unravelling the latest superannuation changes.

Having worked for some of the world’s leading media outlets including roles as the Foreign, Enterprise, Special Reports and Professional Services Editors at the Australian Financial Review, this cool correspondent now enjoys the freedom to pursue his own passions and interests through his writing.

As part of the team at The Real CFO our objective reporter keeps our advisors and CFOs on their toes, probing them for insights across the relevant business trends of today.

With an Honours Degree in Arabic, he can be found reading the latest Pulitzer Prize winning novel, a glass of Prosecco in hand.

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